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Artwork Guidlines

Metal & Tech - Artwork is to be submitted in vector format by electronic email in the following formats - "ai", "cdr", "eps", or "pdf". Artwork touch up is available at the rate of $25.00 (g) per half hour.


3D Crystal - Artwork is to be submitted in one of the following formats

- 3D artwork files "dxf" (autocad), "3DS" or "Max" (3D Studio Max), 3DM (Rhinoceros).

- Models on a scale of 1:18 or larger

- Photos in high resolution from all 6 sides

- Detailed technical drawings from all 6 sides

Note: Submission of true 3D artwork will offer a lower setup charge

Example of Raster vs Vector Artwork
Raster Vector
jpg, gif, tiff, psd, png eps, cdr, ai, pdf
zoom: 400% zoom: 400%
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